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How Do You Do It?

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The process you go through in evaluating a business - its performance, its processes, policies, procedures, and outcomes - isn't drastically different from the process you go through in evaluating yourself. You observe patterns. You watch the things that are consistently, habitually practiced. You measure those things against what they would be if the business were operating in the ideal state, and where required, you adjust them so they align. It works for businesses, and it works for people. Want to lose weight? Eat for the weight you'd like to be instead of the weight you're at. Want to increase your profits? Do the things a more profitable business would be doing. The trick, if there is one, is being able to tell which things are out of synch with the ideal and which ones are where they should be. In my experience, businesses understand about 90% of what's not working. They know it, they see it, but they don't quite know how to change it, so we start there. We work through the stuff you already know, but that you need a little push to really buckle down and fix. The other 10% is stuff that's harder to discern. It requires a more in-depth self-analysis, some introspection, and the cultivation of the kind of discipline that can set those foundational practices right. It's what I try to do with every business for whom I consult, and it's what I've done in my own daily life. I'm not the kind of consultant that preaches the executive summary of the top fifteen business books of the year. I am my own laboratory. I'm not giving you buzzwords and theories - I'm giving you proven daily practices.

It may be complex, but it doesn't have to be complicated.

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