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DUNS: 117497475  |  NAICS: 541618, 541690, 541611, 541614, 541613   |   SIC: 8748

Engaging Government Decision-Makers Directly

Your company can have a full-suite Business Development or Government and Legislative Affairs department for about a tenth of the cost of a single full-time Director-level employee.  Through decades of work in Defense, Intelligence and Federal markets, Tornberg Consulting has built an extensive network of private sector and public sector contacts interested in connecting opportunities and resources with innovative and effective solutions.  Tornberg Consulting offers full-service Business Develpment, Capture, and Government Affairs services custom tailored to your business needs.

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Expert Guidance

Not every project or venture follows the beaten path.  Sometimes you need specialized expertise to handle innovative, trailblazing initiatives.  Other times, you need a trusted advisor to handle a sensitive issue with discretion and the utmost confidence.  With 20 years of military Special Operations and Intelligence Community experience, we can guide you, collect information for you, and distill what we find into decision support tools that will help you come out on top even in the face of the most difficult challenges.  Tornberg Consulting has an exceptional track record of providing support for operations, procuring equipment and materiel, and assisting in the identification, sourcing, and procurement of advanced weapons systems for the US and foreign partners. Our pedigree speaks for itself.  From playing a role on the team that targeted and took out Osama bin Laden to running clandestine intelligence operations in some of the most dangerous parts of the world, we've always answered the challenges no one else thought could be overcome.  Put us on your team, and we can do the same together.


Outreach and Assistance in Crisis and in Peacetime 

Tornberg Consulting leverages two decades of government and international experience to aid and assist in the full spectrum of defense cooperation endeavors.  We can help engage with international stakeholders, connect important suppliers of key materiel to buyers in need, organize trade missions, and build international joint ventures to open market access.  We have the connections and expertise to deliver outcomes, even in the most unfavorable of environments.

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Optimize and Refine your business in ways that make success inevitable.

Tornberg Consulting is a specialty firm that understands what it took for you to get where you are.  We also know what it takes to get where you want to be.  Whether you're building new capabilities, revising existing processes, or venturing into whole new arenas, we can help.
Our Strategic Analysis service offers you unique and highly detailed insight into the risks, vulnerabilities, and threats you face and how to deal with them. Using our trademarked methodology developed over decades of operational planning in high-stakes environments, we will show you the pathways to success and how to implement systems and processes that enable sustainable results.  Put simply, it doesn't matter whether you need to bolster a single capability within your business or whether you want to take your whole company into a new space, we are here to make sure your needs are met, your goals are reached, and your success is inevitable.


Expert Guidance

Let Tornberg Consulting, LLC take a discreet, confidential look at your personal security needs.  Whether your concerns are in the physical, reputational, financial or cyber arenas (or more likely, a combination of all of these), Tornberg Consulting, LLC will give you a candid assessment of your current security posture and what you can do to improve it.  You are under no obligation, and we will never discuss or share any of your information with anyone under any circumstances.  Once we're finished, you'll receive an initial consultation report and a proposal for services/materiel support.  We are happy to use our own personnel and partnerships to provide you the best possible comprehensive security solution, or you can take our report to the vendors of your choice. 

No strings attached.

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