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Expert Guidance

Not every project or venture follows the beaten path.  Sometimes you need specialized expertise to handle innovative, trailblazing initiatives.  Other times, you need a trusted advisor to handle a sensitive issue with discretion and the utmost confidence.  With 20 years of military Special Operations and Intelligence Community experience, we can guide you, collect information for you, and distill what we find into decision support tools that will help you come out on top even in the face of the most difficult challenges.  Tornberg Consulting has an exceptional track record of providing support for operations, procuring equipment and materiel, and assisting in the identification, sourcing, and procurement of advanced weapons systems for the US and foreign partners. Our pedigree speaks for itself.  From playing a role on the team that targeted and took out Osama bin Laden to running clandestine intelligence operations in some of the most dangerous parts of the world, we've always answered the challenges no one else thought could be overcome.  Put us on your team, and we can do the same together.

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