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Hear what others have to say about Tornberg Consulting

I’ve relied on Mike Brewer as a consultant and advisor for nearly 10 years and during this time, his expertise across a myriad of fields has proven invaluable to the progress, direction and success of these projects.  From his uncanny ability to predict exact outcomes to his ability to “hands-on” address situations without hesitation, Mike is our first-choice in even the most difficult of problem solving requirements.

Steve Place, President and CEO
Simply Cool, LLC

Michael's analytic and leadership abilities are absolutely unmatched by his peers. He is the consumate professional in all aspects of his work. Give him the mission and watch him go to work--he will deliver!

Janet Simmons, President and CEO

During my years of service in both the US Army and the CIA, I had the pleasure of working with two particular types of outstanding individuals. One rare, creative group possessed the ability to visualize new ways of thinking or doing things. Unfortunately, they rarely had the ability to also translate those ideas into reality. The other, equally rare group, could take the conceptual and somehow make it practical; they could turn the seemingly impossible into reality. Unfortunately, they rarely had the ability to come up with those impossible ideas in the first place. Mike Brewer is one of the very few people I have ever worked with who possesses both gifts. Mike has the extremely rare ability to come up with a unique vision, to translate that vision into a practical idea, then to make that idea a reality.

John Alan Irvin, Director
Noetics International

Awesome Company. Intelligent People. Superior Methodologies. What makes Mike different is his laser-light focus on the mission. You may have heard people say the words but, until you witness it, there is no comparison. With delivery to both government and industry leaders in assessing and mitigating the risk of terrorist and criminal attacks; Mike and his analysts define threats and vulnerabilities; applying leading-edge analytics and technology; ensuring regulatory compliance; while balancing the client's needs on time, within budget, and often with a reoccurring ROI. Mastering all the details, each no more important than the other; a skill he executes with poise and an agile mind.

Johanna Holeman

A true bridge builder, Michael Brewer (Tornberg Consulting, LLC's Principal Consultant) filled desks simultaneously at FBI, DOD, and CIA and was the first ever representative of the FBI on the [National Level] Program Board.  Our success, due in large measure to Mike's efforts, were briefed to Air Force and Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence leadership, US Embassy Country Teams, National Security Council Deputies, and Congressional Intelligence Committee members and staff.

Thomas Stock, Program Manager
US Air Force Intelligence Oversight

I can say with conviction that Michael Brewer is a man who accepts difficult challenges and always finds a way to accomplish the mission.  Government bureaucracy is real, and the challenges it presents can often cause the best of intentions to stall or never materialize.  Michael was always able to convince senior leaders at the FBI, the Department of Defense, and in the broader US Intelligence Community to believe in him and the evolution of the project.  As a result, this project which started as a dream has become the second largest funded program in the FBI's Counterintelligence Division. Michael is the cornerstone of any winning team, and will always be a valued partner to me and any team I am associated with.

Don Lichay, Supervisory Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation

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