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Unconventional Solutions to New Challenges

Not every project or situation follows the rules.  Sometimes you're breaking new ground, shattering old molds, rewriting the rulebooks.  Other times, your project requires a level of discretion and unconventional skill sets that sets it apart from your day to day operations.  We draw on 20 years of military Special Operations and Intelligence Community experience to bring you the kind of specialized security and intelligence consulting you need when there is simply no roadmap to follow.  Whether you need highly specialized security or intelligence solutions at home, at work, or abroad, we can help you conceive, design, implement, and manage your unique program. 

Tornberg Consulting, LLC maintains relationships with a worldwide network of specialized service providers, supply chains, and experts.  There are few problems we can't address, and almost nowhere we can't go.  Click the button below to get in touch and schedule a confidential discussion.

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