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Outcomes As A Service - 

Global complexity, socio-political entropy, and volatility make dependable effects and outcomes more important than ever.  Trust our experience from the trenches to the halls of governance to provide you with Outcomes, not just advice.

Client Testimonial:
"Awesome Company. Intelligent People. Superior Methodologies. Masters at collaboration and bringing the right combination of intelligent resources; I have observed first hand with awe as Tornberg Consulting leads, designs and customizes programs while refining and adjusting to the clients exact needs."

Tornberg Consulting is excited to announce two  service offerings that are game-changers for small to mid-sized businesses.  Our Government Affairs as a Service and Business Development as a Service offerings allow small to mid-sized businesses the capability of a full-time Capture and Development staff and/or a full-time Government Affairs staff to grow revenues and shape policy and appropriations at a fraction of the price of bringing on full-time employees.  Get in touch to learn more.

Special Announcement:

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Business, Intelligence, Governance, and Special Projects Solutions

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Grow Your Business

Through decades of work in Defense, Intelligence and Federal markets, Tornberg Consulting has built an extensive network of private sector and public sector contacts interested in connecting opportunities and resources with innovative and effective solutions.  Tornberg Consulting offers full-service Business Develpment, Capture, and Government Affairs services custom tailored to your business needs.

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Connecting you to the resources you need

Tornberg Consulting, LLC draws on decades of specialized work in a multitude of international markets to connect you with vetted suppliers for virtually any commodity or capital asset essential to your business.  We maintain partnerships with global suppliers of consumables such as grain, soy, corn, sugar and other agricultural commodities as well as energy commodities such as oil, EN590, Jet A1 and others.  We also maintain a robust network of partnerships and contacts for specialty equipment, defense materiel and munitions, all in accordance with US and international laws.

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Explore the Possible

Let Tornberg Consulting, LLC provide you with a clear expert's view on your unique security environment, posture, and situation.  Our introductory consultation is discreet, completely confidential, and will provide you with the information you need to structure the right approach for you.  This is a no-obligation consultation, and you will receive a written report and gap analysis which you can use with us, or with any other service provider as you see fit.



Unconventional Solutions to New Challenges

Not every  situation follows the rules.  Sometimes you're breaking new ground, shattering old molds, rewriting the rulebooks.  Other times, your circumstance requires a level of discretion and unconventional skill sets that sets it apart from your day to day operations.  Tornberg Consulting draws on 20 years of military Special Operations and Intelligence Community experience as well as worldwide professional networks to bring you the kind of specialized project consulting you need when there is simply no roadmap to follow.


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